From Fear to Fostering Feminism

The word “feminist” tends to frighten some men. At least, that’s how Robert Jensen, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin, felt until the age of 30. Then he decided to face his fear by studying the feminist critique of pornography throughout graduate school. Nearly 30 years later, a confident, and sometimes objectionable, Jensen stands in front of audiences speaking on behalf of radical … Continue reading From Fear to Fostering Feminism

Kind of Like That

To understand love (to the extent anyone really can), I’ve learned you must first grasp the concept of what it is not. And love is not comprised of conditions. I learned this painful, but indispensable lesson from a previous relationship. A healthy partnership requires communication, respect and boundaries–not lectures, contempt and control. I agree that a well-balanced relationship involves give and take, meaning many times your own desires are … Continue reading Kind of Like That

A Day Without Immigrants – Mutual Respect

Photo source: On February, 16, Matt Carr, owner of the Little Fox Restaurant in Washington, D.C., read a note left behind by his kitchen staff. Three of his prep cooks had taken initiative to prepare food, taking care of business to participate in the strike, “A Day Without Immigrants.” “We’re a very small business, and without them we would not be able to open today,” Carr … Continue reading A Day Without Immigrants – Mutual Respect

Greeting Myselves with Forgiveness

For some people, forgiveness comes easily. For others, not so much. Luckily for me, I fall into the first category. My mother has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know and thankfully, it was passed along to me. Don’t get me wrong–I get upset, disappointed, even angry–but I have a tendency of placing myself into the other person’s shoes and empathizing. This process … Continue reading Greeting Myselves with Forgiveness

But I Think That’s Love

I have this coworker who practically skips into work every morning. OK, she doesn’t really skip, which is probably a good thing because she’s extremely clumsy. Nevertheless, while most of us (and I’m talking about myself) would rather sit in silence staring at a wall than converse with anyone before 9 a.m., my coworker chooses to greet others with a genuine smile, teddy-bear hug and a … Continue reading But I Think That’s Love

Satire and Politics – Entertaining, but Solution-less

As a nation founded on many freedoms, an American’s right to freely express him or herself under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution comes naturally for many of us. A privilege often taken for granted, which a myriad of countries are denied. And while it is illegal in America to advocate overthrow of one’s government, as in most countries, it is perfectly legal to criticize it–politicians, the … Continue reading Satire and Politics – Entertaining, but Solution-less