But I Think That’s Love


I have this coworker who practically skips into work every morning. OK, she doesn’t really skip, which is probably a good thing because she’s extremely clumsy. Nevertheless, while most of us (and I’m talking about myself) would rather sit in silence staring at a wall than converse with anyone before 9 a.m., my coworker chooses to greet others with a genuine smile, teddy-bear hug and a “Hi, Friend!”

Yes, that’s an 8 a.m. exclamation point.

And when did the quickly, mumbled “Good morning” no longer suffice?

On the mornings I’m running late, mismatch my socks and splatter tooth paste across my top–on the mornings I sit down at my office desk and say a prayer I don’t bite anyone’s head off because I only managed three and a half hours of sleep–well, on those mornings, I’m not always sweet as sugar.

But she is. Always.

When I’m grumpy, undeserving and retreating into my introverted shell, she still greets me with a smile and wraps her arms around me.

This woman is off her rocker, I used to think. This is not normal behavior.

Instead, why isn’t she shouting at me, “Bye, Felicia!”

It takes a lot of patience to greet the morning haters, but my coworker does it. And I’ll admit, it took some getting used to, but it’s now welcomed as second nature.

She’s almost transformed me into a morning person. Almost.

But most importantly, she reminds me of my worth. And I’ve courageously accepted it even when I may not deserve it.

Because that’s love.

-JL Smith

Poetry source: https://www.instagram.com/shilohandco/

One thought on “But I Think That’s Love

  1. I really like how when your writing, you put in little quips, like you did in the first paragraph. I feel like it’s kind of sarcastic and I really love it because it makes me laugh.


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