A Day Without Immigrants – Mutual Respect


Photo source: https://twitter.com/littleredfoxdc

On February, 16, Matt Carr, owner of the Little Fox Restaurant in Washington, D.C., read a note left behind by his kitchen staff. Three of his prep cooks had taken initiative to prepare food, taking care of business to participate in the strike, “A Day Without Immigrants.”

“We’re a very small business, and without them we would not be able to open today,” Carr said, according to a CNN article.

“They not only gave me a heads-up about the strike, but did double the work yesterday so we would be in good shape today.”

Carr doesn’t take his employees, who happen to be immigrants, for granted and through a mutual respect for one another, both Carr and his staff worked out an effective solution.

And while some assumed Carr’s support for his employees meant he had hired illegal immigrants, he quickly responded:


Carr also paid his employees who participated in the strike.

Unfortunately, other employees who participated in “A Day Without Immigrants” weren’t granted the support of an employer like Carr.

As American citizens, we depend on our government and military to defend us from outside threats, especially terrorists. However, sometimes this fear of terror leads individuals or groups within our society or government to act on assumption and/or discrimination.

While orders like a temporary ban on immigrants may protect our country momentarily, the aftermath is messy, negatively affecting millions of residents within our nation. Spouses and families who are traveling for leisure or business are torn apart, students cannot return to school after visiting family outside the U.S. and others are trapped inside the country for fear of leaving and facing denied re-entry.

The people we’re attempting to “protect” ourselves against are also the immigrants who help maintain our businesses and provide items like the food we eat or ingredients to products we use and consume on a daily basis. The U.S. economy is at risk if our immigrants aren’t treated with mutual respect. And they’re prepared to take a stand.

Maybe society could benefit from Carr’s example.

-JL Smith

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