Just a Big Hole in the Ground (Part 1)

ARIZONA (March 2017) – Apparently, my memory lagged as my older brother reminded me it had been longer than three years since I visited him in Phoenix. He made it clear, it had been five years. *rolls eyes* My one and only trip to Arizona was in the spring of 2012 visiting him while attending the Cactus League spring training for ball games and autographs. … Continue reading Just a Big Hole in the Ground (Part 1)

West Coastlines and Christmas Carols

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (December 2016) – I remember the text message I received from my supervisor asking me to meet him for lunch one day in October. This couldn’t be good, I thought. Any time this happens, I’m usually bribed by my favorite sushi into a heavier work load. However, much to my surprise, as I was unsuccessfully attempting to stuff an Ahi Tower into my … Continue reading West Coastlines and Christmas Carols

Student Athletics – To Support or Not to Support?

I came across a letter to the editor titled, Men’s basketball win reinforces UTA pride, while reading UTA’s student newspaper, The Shorthorn. The author and UTA alumnus, Jason Silva, explained how he graduated from the university in 2000, when support for student athletics was modest, at best. He recently attended the National Invitational Tournament quarterfinal on March 22 at College Park Center as the Mavericks played … Continue reading Student Athletics – To Support or Not to Support?

The One I Will Never Have

Sometimes you may read or hear something that doesn’t resonate because you’ve never experienced it. I enjoy reading poetry, but I’ll admit there are some poems’ meanings I am unable to grasp, and I believe it’s because I haven’t experienced what the author has lived. Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have connected with this poem. I would have read those 20 words and continued scrolling until I … Continue reading The One I Will Never Have

Twitter and Trump- A Presidential Problem?

When you think of addiction, what comes to mind for most of us is drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc. But in the 21st century-in 2017-addiction has broadened its form of psychological and physical habits to, wait for it… Social media. On April 30, 1789, our first president of the United States, George Washington, was inaugurated. Communication by the president to citizens was limited to letters, newspapers … Continue reading Twitter and Trump- A Presidential Problem?

Wilder Than The Wind

On Wednesday, March 8, we celebrated International Women’s Day, which commemorates the movement for women’s rights, according to Wikipedia.com. All around the world, men and women paid tribute to the accomplishments of females from the past, to women we respect in the present and those whose future we support. There is a total of around 7.4 billion people on our planet and nearly 3.7 billion of … Continue reading Wilder Than The Wind

Pop Culture and Politics – Spotlight on Media

By definition, popular culture is “cultural activities or commercial products reflecting, suited to, or aimed at the tastes of the general masses of people.” Pop culture entertains us, but it is also a powerful influence on the clothes we wear, films we watch and even the politicians we vote for. Democrats, republicans and independents are aware of pop culture and, at times, may base their judgment or solidify … Continue reading Pop Culture and Politics – Spotlight on Media