Her Longing Heart Cried Out


We weren’t allowed to dance at my senior prom.

I know, I know–there are far worse things about being a teenager than this, but for me, this was up there. I mean, it’s almost a right of passage to let loose on a dance floor with your best friends after completing 13 years of school (kindergarten was tough on some of us).

For my last two years of high school I attended a small, private school and this rule happened to somehow weasel its way into their book. Not many of my friends seemed to mind, but as an outsider, dancing at my prom was something I had always looked forward to while growing up, plus the Hollywood teen-flicks made it look like a blast.

I attended my prom with my date and enjoyed our time with friends nevertheless, but there remained a part of me that longed to dance the night away. I felt robbed.

When I got home that night I gave my parents the typical “It went fine,” teenage-line and walked into my room kicking off my heels and feeling like the evening was incomplete.

You’re now required to place yourself into an 18-year-old, young woman’s shoes, otherwise you’re going to think what I did next is absolutely crazy.

I shut my bedroom door, turned on the most popular music of the early 2000’s and danced. I may or may not have also been invited to slow dance with my pillow. The point is, I went for it.

I know I had no say regarding the rules at my prom, but I chose to embrace my spirit afterward. When I finally climbed into bed in the early hours of the next morning, exhausted from dance moves I never knew I had in me, I promised myself if I was ever offered the opportunity to dance, I would seize it.

Some of us don’t always get the chance to be our own boss, to finish our education, to live a healthy life or even dance the night away, so if that moment is presented to you, I encourage you to say yes without hesitation and any fear you may feel will fade in time.

The purpose is to live and not let anyone else, including yourself, discourage you from doing so.

-JL Smith

Poetry source: https://www.instagram.com/justmy.words/

One thought on “Her Longing Heart Cried Out

  1. I really liked this blog. It was really entertaining and relatable. I also like that you write like you are telling a story to a friend. It made me laugh at some points. I really liked it.


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