The One I Will Never Have

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Sometimes you may read or hear something that doesn’t resonate because you’ve never experienced it. I enjoy reading poetry, but I’ll admit there are some poems’ meanings I am unable to grasp, and I believe it’s because I haven’t experienced what the author has lived.

Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have connected with this poem. I would have read those 20 words and continued scrolling until I found a different one I could associate with. But today? I get it.

As I age, more people will walk in and out of my life. There’s a saying that some people come into your life to test you, use you or teach you. I think we can all relate to this. Everyone offers a lesson whether intentional or not.

And then there are special cases. Like when your path crosses another’s and before either of you know it, a long-term friendship has evolved into something much deeper. One day, something or someone threatens it and only then do you realize how much the other person means to you–how you would give up just about anything in your life, cross oceans, move hundreds of miles–as long as it meant the two of you never had to part.

I had been blindsided for years. I had fallen in love with the most unexpected person in my life. But isn’t that what they say? “…It happens when you least expect it.” Unfortunately, what the fairy tales fail to mention is that real love doesn’t always end “happily ever after.”

Sometimes you are forced to love someone from afar or sometimes you may love someone you see daily, but can’t call him or her “mine.” You’ve exhausted all the “what ifs” and are forced to break your own heart. I will always wish this person the best, I’ll always want to see this person smiling and I will always love you, my friend.

But I am forced to face reality:

You’re the one I’ll never have.

-JL Smith

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