The Power of my Poetic Pastime

I remember one of the first poems I ever wrote. It was crap. Granted, I was just a kid and figured the epitome of poetry culminated in One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish (no offense, Dr. Seuss). Of course, my following years consisted of more profound readings: Shakespeare, Whitman, Dickinson, Poe, Yeats, etc. Honestly, half of these authors’ writings I studied didn’t resonate with … Continue reading The Power of my Poetic Pastime

But I Was Blinded By My Love

There’s a scene from a movie, which the title I cannot recall, where a couple is on their first date and one proposed they should reveal their secrets to each other. The point was, too many people pretend to be someone they aren’t during introductions. We want to impress the other person; therefore, we consciously (or unconsciously) shape ourselves to the liking of the other … Continue reading But I Was Blinded By My Love

The One I Will Never Have

Sometimes you may read or hear something that doesn’t resonate because you’ve never experienced it. I enjoy reading poetry, but I’ll admit there are some poems’ meanings I am unable to grasp, and I believe it’s because I haven’t experienced what the author has lived. Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have connected with this poem. I would have read those 20 words and continued scrolling until I … Continue reading The One I Will Never Have

Wilder Than The Wind

On Wednesday, March 8, we celebrated International Women’s Day, which commemorates the movement for women’s rights, according to All around the world, men and women paid tribute to the accomplishments of females from the past, to women we respect in the present and those whose future we support. There is a total of around 7.4 billion people on our planet and nearly 3.7 billion of … Continue reading Wilder Than The Wind

Kind of Like That

To understand love (to the extent anyone really can), I’ve learned you must first grasp the concept of what it is not. And love is not comprised of conditions. I learned this painful, but indispensable lesson from a previous relationship. A healthy partnership requires communication, respect and boundaries–not lectures, contempt and control. I agree that a well-balanced relationship involves give and take, meaning many times your own desires are … Continue reading Kind of Like That

Greeting Myselves with Forgiveness

For some people, forgiveness comes easily. For others, not so much. Luckily for me, I fall into the first category. My mother has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know and thankfully, it was passed along to me. Don’t get me wrong–I get upset, disappointed, even angry–but I have a tendency of placing myself into the other person’s shoes and empathizing. This process … Continue reading Greeting Myselves with Forgiveness